Picture it: November 3rd, 2007, newly-founded startup “Cakemail” takes up an office in an old factory where the “Pong” console used to be built. There were 2 windows and 3 employees. In the 10 years since, the company has grown. There are now 15 windows and more than 20 employees working to create tools to help small businesses.

As we blow out the candles on the proverbial cake, we want to thank our clients, our partners and, most importantly, the wonderful people who have helped Cakemail become the company it is. After all, a tech startup’s greatest strength, what makes it standout, are the people who come together to build something amazing. Each employee is important: each contribution is unique. We have been privileged to meet dedicated and splendid individuals. Some have moved on to face other challenges; others have returned to their home country. All have left pieces of themselves: traces of code in the product, friendships with teammates and, critically, traces of themselves within the very DNA of the company.



Alessandro De Civita, Alexander Dankoff, Alexandre Deschamps, Amandine Souilleux, Andrea Saez, Ara Pehlivanian, Ariane Labelle, Arthur Gouveia, Benoit Caron, Benoit Jodoin, Brendan Zorbas, Cedric Dugas, Cheryl Hinton, Christian Joudrey, Chrystian Guy, Cintia Klein, Demetrius Edelin, Diane Tisseur, Duncan Moore, Duncan Tam, Éric Bélanger, Francis Brassard, Frédéric-Gilles Guillot, George Dorobantu, Hans-David Giroux, Ion-Mircea Ghinda, Isabel Lapointe, Isaiah Goodfriend, Janina Szkut, Jesse McCormack, Jonathan Angelicchio, Julien Seguin, Kevin Bedard, Kevin Huxham, Khadija Koubaa, Manuel Arturo, Marc-André Jutras, Martin Vachon, Mateus Jabour Barbosa Pereira, Matthieu Durand Gasselin, Mathieu Savage, Maylee Keo, Michael Whitham, Michaelangelo Domingo, Mireille Tessier, Normand Pépin, Oussama Bargougui, Patrick Beaudoin, Philippe Gosselin, Pierre-Paul Paquin, Régis Freyd, Robyn Paton, Roderick Quinlan, Sébastien Gregoire, Sébastien Lamanna, Steve Smith, Thibaut Cayol, Justin Hsu, Vincent Lamanna, Vincent Surette, Willem Van Der Jagt, Xavier Jodoin, Yanna-Torry Aspraki, Yves Chappé, as well as countless other collaborators and partners: thank you for helping us build Cakemail! Merci! Gracias! Bedankt! Grazie! Obrigado! ευχαριστώ! 谢谢! !شكرا Շնորհակալություն !תודה




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