Help, my email looks weird!

If you’ve spent any amount of time designing and coding emails to be sent with CakeMail or another similar email system, you’ll know that email design can be a bit…..fickle. It will work in Gmail, but look strange in Hotmail. It will look great on your Android device, but wonky on your iPhone. Or vice versa, and so on and so on.

Getting emails to look the same *everywhere* is a challenging task, but you can do it! The following tools can lend you a hand as you make all those tiny last minute adjustments and get your campaigns out the door.

This fantastic tool, available as an add-on in the CakeMail marketplace, allows you to preview your email across a wide range of popular email clients and mobile devices. Do they all look the same? Fantastic! You’re good to go.

It also provides spam testing services – a chance to see if your campaign will set off any red flags with ISPs or get caught in junk mailboxes or spam filters instead of getting delivered as intended. Litmus isn’t a free service, but it’s worth every penny.

Code like it’s ten years ago
Use tables for layout, rely on inline styles/CSS when you have to, and simplify, simplify, simplify.

Verify your styles
Our built in premailer tool checks your code and converts your CSS styles to inline styles in order to be more email-client-friendly, letting you skip the hard work poring over lines of code.

Know your limits
Every email client has its limits, and the Email Standards project helps you to keep track of them all. Refer to it if you want to be well-informed before you even start work on your campaign design.

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