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Hotmail 2011 Information

The latest edition of Hotmail, Hotmail 2011, was recently released, to the delight of users who had been waiting for a significant update. Unfortunately for email marketers, though, this release opened up a handful of issues that can impact email campaign design. Email on Acid was quick to report on the issues – and we’re sharing some short excerpts of that post here to ensure that you’re not impacted when you design your next campaign.

Inconsistent / Unreliable Linked Images in IE 7 / IE 8

Clicking on linked images in a newly-opened email will open the link but immediately redirect to Hotmail. Depending on the link target, it will jump back to the inbox or the original message. This ONLY happens the first time you open the email. Text links and campaigns viewed with IE 9 do not seem to experience any of these issues. [Read more]

Browser Incompatibilities

Hotmail does not seem to reliably work in certain browsers depending on local configuration and plug-ins. For instance, when I click on inbox items in Chrome 12, nothing happens. For a complete list of bugs that they have identified and are working to resolve, check out the following Windows Live help thread[Read more]

Of course, in addition to all of this we always recommend using Litmus (available in the Add-On Marketplace) to preview your campaign in the most popular email clients to make sure it looks great everywhere.

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