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New Feature – Let Your Customers Upgrade Easily

By January 23, 2012 No Comments

We have added a new feature to our system that lets you add an Upgrade URL for your clients. When their account has reached its contact limit, they will be notified and offered the opportunity to upgrade. (In the future, they will be notified when they reach 50% of their limit, 90% of their limit, and overusage)

This new Upgrade URL will send your clients to a custom page that is created and hosted by you – it is up to you what you include in it. We recommend that at a minimum, you include pricing information and upgrade instructions or contact info. This new feature will allow your users to see upgrade options and easily access your pricing information.

Once you receive the user’s request, you can adjust their limits by hovering over their account name under your Clients tab and clicking on Edit account limits.

To set your Upgrade URL, go to your Settings tab > Your Site Settings > Upgrade URL

Enter the URL you wish your clients to be redirected to.

The notice will look like this:


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