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New Google Analytics Add-On!

Now you can take advantage of the power of Google Analytics to do more than just track campaigns. The new Google Analytics add-on in the CakeMail Marketplace allows CakeMail customers to track analytics for their own CakeMail site.

This add-on lets you keep track of referrers to sign-up pages, how often certain parts of your site are used, daily traffic and more.

Once you have enabled the Google Analytics add-on for your account (go to Marketplace and click the Manage button next to Google Analytics), you can adjust the Default Settings. Make sure to include the tracking code from your Google Analytics account (available in your Analytics profile).


You will see and keep track of the results in your Google Analytics account.

This add-on is a huge help if you’re tracking performance of adwords or other marketing campaigns, or for keeping an eye on user behaviour and traffic sources.

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