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  • Andrea,

    What’s the best way to do a 1) Display a custom field, “First Name”, if a field is not empty 2) Display the word “Friends” if it is empty? Would this work?

    Dear [IF `First Name` LIKE “%”][First Name][ELSE]Friends[ENDIF], 

  • Jenina says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Just want to ask, if i have more thatn subscriber lists, then how can address my subscribers’ name

    Dear listname.[First Name]??


  • Hi Jenina,
    If you created your field as First Name, then the correct tag would indeed be [First Name]

  • Hi Andrew,
    Sorry for the super delayed reply! I just got access to see comments.
    To create a fallback field, you can do the following:

    [field name,fallback]


    [firstname,there] – would pick the field [firstname] and populate it with the information available on your list, and if empty, would use there instead.

    So Hi [firstname,there], could read: ‘Hi Alex,’ or ‘Hi there,’