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Use Wufoo Webhook Sync

By October 20, 2011 No Comments

Wufoo Webhook Sync is a brand new feature in our v3.1 interface that we’re excited to introduce! This new feature allows you to automatically sync your Wufoo forms with your CakeMail contact list.

To access the Wufoo Webhook Sync option, sign in to your CakeMail account, access your preferred contact list and click on Manage Forms on the left hand menu.

To use auto-sync, you need to create a form on  Wufoo and link the form to your contact list. When creating your form on Wufoo, be sure that your field names match the fields you created on your CakeMail contact list. The only fields you do not need to recreate are ContactID and Sign Up Date, as these are used for management reasons.

To create your form, drag and drop your fields to the space provided. You may edit fields, add line, paragraph and page breaks, checkboxes, and even make certain fields mandatory.

Once your form is created, access your Form Manager and click on Notifications.

On the Notification settings screen, choose the option To Another Application and select Webhook.

Copy and paste the information you get from us under Grab HTML Code.
Don’t forget to check the checkbox called “Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data.”


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