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A Quick Guide to Building the Right Kind of Contact List

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“How can I build the right list?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions we get – and with good reason. After all, your contacts are the people who want to hear more from you. They’re the people who want your email in their inbox.

So… what’s the secret recipe?

Start with permission

People don’t actively seek out email lists to join.

You have to give them a reason and take all the opportunities you can to convince them to sign up.

Give people a reason

What’s the value for people to sign up? Why should they give you valuable real estate in their inbox?

Honesty in all things

Always be explicit and honest when telling people about your newsletter, including how often you’ll be sending them an email.

Making promises and sticking to them, is one of the differences between email marketing and SPAM.

Frequency: Determine whether you can send daily, weekly or monthly and try to send at the same time according to your frequency.

What’s in it for them?

Show the benefits they get when they sign up for your newsletter

  • Provide hints about the next topic of your newsletter: publicize them on your website or on social media.

  • Showcase previous campaigns you’ve sent as images on a special page or posting a link on your social media feed.

  • Sign up incentives delivered in your welcome email

  • Promise them they’ll never miss out: people rarely want to miss a great blog post or special events – be they special promotions, sales or webinars.

Sign up incentives

Delivered in the welcome email

Providing incentives – in line with the content of your newsletter – is a good way to encourage people to sign up: eBook links, contests exclusive to contacts on your list, invitation to special webinars or coupons or promotion details.

What else should be in a Welcome Email?

Take all opportunities

Make the most of every interaction you have with people that matter.

Your website and social media pages

  • Don’t hide your sign up form!

  • Ideally, your form should be on every page. Keep it short: the only information you need is their email

  • Display your form proudly! Top right or a pop up are best.

  • Post links to your signup form: get the people who “like” your Facebook page to learn more about you

Learn how to add a Cakemail form to your website.

When you meet them in person

Make the most of natural wait times

  • Have a paper form or Tablet open with the subscription form open near your checkout at your physical location, at registration, when hosting an event at tradeshow booths.

  • You can also ask during a customer service call, or add a link to the form on invoices, receipts and your email signature.

Other tips to build the right contact list.

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