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CakeMail 3: A Brand-ed New User Interface

As a team of people who make a white-label email marketing tool (meaning that you can customize almost ALL of it and no one ever has to know you didn’t make it yourself from scratch), design is important to us. Especially clean, simple design. It’s kind of like giving our customers (who take our platform and add their own flair) a blank slate, or if you’ll pardon the pun, a freshly baked, un-iced cake.

Since we love design so much, we’re excited to share a few of the more aesthetic CakeMail Version 3 secrets we’ve been keeping.

We’ve been working on this new version of CakeMail for quite some time now, and one of the key new features that’s not all about ‘easier client management’, ‘more fancy-schmancy reports’ or a ‘new kind of email’ is a new and improved sleek, beautiful, more intuitive user interface. For our customers and for their end users, we felt that it was SO important that the user interface bring smiles to people’s faces that we really spent time making sure we got it right.

From default sign in screens to dialog popups, to delicate shadowing on text fields, we took great care with every element.

The best part of this new UI is that it’s the perfect platform for our customers to build on. CakeMail has always been customizable, but this time around we have extended the customization to almost every element for our advanced users and simplified it for basic users who just want to add a logo, pick a few colors and move on to more important things, like creating email campaigns.

Now when you set up your CakeMail account you can choose from three different types of branding:

Logo & Basic Colors
Upload a logo, select from default color schemes, build a theme based on your logo colors (or your corporate style guide’s color rules).

Advanced Colors
Set a color for everything – from text colors to tab gradients to drop shadows you can define what every last thing looks like.

If you’re a CSS whiz you can whip up your own style sheet for all of the elements of the site. Prefer nice square corners over rounded ones? Something lacking a shadow or an interactive hover state? Add it yourself with a custom stylesheet or rules you define and then save within your site settings.

We’ll dive into more detail about Advanced Colors and CSS Branding in the new few days – they deserve posts in and of themselves!

If you want to read more about new features in CakeMail, visit the Release Notes. You like what you see and need an email marketing solution for your agency? Sign up for a free today!

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