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CakeMail 3: Easy Template Management

In addition to making available to our customers, as part of the new features in CakeMail 3, we’ve made it even easier to use your own templates for your next (or for every!) email campaign you or your clients send out.

A new template directory makes it easy to scroll through your template library to manage or select templates.

And our new organization tools – like categories – make your templates easy to find, and easy to share. You can even share only specific templates with specific clients and set permissions so that can modify and tweak the templates as they need to.

And for those who use templates created by an agency (or you’re an agency that creates templates for your clients), prefer to write code & design emails in other tools, or just upload everything all at once, you’ll love our new “Upload From .Zip” capabilities. Put your HTML file and images in a single zip file and upload the file in one fell swoop.

So much easier than uploading handfuls of images one at a time – and cutting and pasting (and triple-checking!) that HTML.

To read more about new features in CakeMail, visit the CakeMail Product Releases for a feature overview, or view other blog posts in the CakeMail Blog. Like what you see and need an email marketing solution for your agency? Sign up for free today!

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