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Updated to add: HUGE congratulations to the CakeMail Dev Team and @ee_ess and @RobotGrrl who triumphed at yesterday’s YellowAPI Confoo HackFest and won the whole competition with their app, Go team!

From March 9th to 11th, international experts in Java, .Net, PHP, Python and Ruby are gathering in Montréal for the 2nd edition of ConFoo Conference and some of the finest members of CakeMail’s Dev Team will be there.

Follow @bencaron, @PosAbsolute and @cjoudrey on Twitter to keep up with news from the conference,  or look for them if you are there to get a CakeMail beanie or stickers!

They (along with our newest CakeMail teammate @arthurgouveia) will also take part in the YellowAPI Confoo HackFest on Wednesday, where they’ll by vying for some great prizes and creating some super cool apps. Go CakeMail #TigerBlood #Winning! Go! (Scusez-la!)

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