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CakeMail Goes Mobile

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New Mobile App Lets Small Businesses Manage Email Marketing Campaigns On The Go

Montréal, Canada — CakeMail Inc., an email marketing solution provider, today announced the launch of a free mobile app, which lets users manage and track email marketing campaigns and contacts from an iPhone or Android device, anywhere at any time. The CakeMail app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

“Simplicity is our focus at CakeMail,” says CakeMail CEO Francois Lane. “Last quarter we launched CakeMail 4 to provide a simpler way to create and send email campaigns. CakeMail Mobile is the next step to make email marketing easier and more effective. The mobile app gives users the flexibility to send or schedule campaigns, manage contacts, track campaigns or add new contacts from anywhere using a smartphone.”

Email marketing has been a trusted, efficient and cost-effective method to build and maintain relationships with customers for the past two decades. The Direct Marketing Association calculates the ROI of email marketing to be $40 for every dollar invested, making email marketing a powerful, cost-effective choice for all small businesses that are looking to grow. CakeMail provides professionally designed templates and an easy contact management system to create, send and track campaigns starting at $8 per month. A free CakeMail-sponsored version of the service is also offered to businesses with less than 2,000 contacts.

Benefits of using CakeMail’s mobile app

Campaign Management

  • Take the drafts created on the desktop: send or schedule them from anywhere.
  • Track a campaign’s success and dive into details like who opened, clicked or unsubscribed.

Contact Management

  • Add contacts while at a tradeshow, traveling… or even on a storefront tablet.
  • Track contact history, subscriber engagement and list growth.

About CakeMail

Based in Montréal, CakeMail Inc. helps small businesses grow by simplifying the way they engage customers. CakeMail 4 is a simple web-based email marketing application that allows companies to easily create, send and track email campaigns. CakeMail offers a mobile app for iPhone and Android users. CakeMail’s private label version is also offered by 350 brands in over 40 countries. Founded in 2007, CakeMail has delivered billions of emails and is focused on education in the area of anti-spam regulations. Visit us at CakeMail Mobile screenshots available here.


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