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CakeMail Combines Master User-Interface and Customer Management Hub in Version 1.6

By August 11, 2008 One Comment

CakeMail is pleased to announce its latest release of the CakeMail open interface, version 1.6. This new CakeMail version eliminates the need for a separate Customer Management Hub, including the Customer Management functionality directly inside the new Reseller Master Account – All within one seamless interface.

Single-Click Administrator Account Access

The new CakeMail Administrator “single sign-on” one-click administrator feature allows you to log-in and work as any one of your client accounts, allowing you to review overall usage, mailings and content and send on behalf of your customers. Most importantly: all without having to create a separate user account!

Improved Client Management

As with the old Customer Hub, you can still use this area to review client’s sending history and track usage growth. But now you can quickly create, suspend or delete client accounts, set usage limits and manage client contact information in a single place, easily navigating between accounts with a single mouse click!

Linked With Master User Account

Of course, you can still access and use your own CakeMail user account to deliver your own corporate newsletters and automated messages as well!

All Hosted CakeMail interfaces are updated automatically.

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