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CakeMail Launches CakeMail 4

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Helping Small Businesses Engage Customers by Providing Simple, Cost-Effective Email Marketing Application

Montréal, Canada — CakeMail Inc. today announced the launch of CakeMail 4: an email marketing application that simplifies the way small businesses engage with customers. The new product is an affordable, easy-to-use solution, created to help small businesses begin their email marketing efforts – regardless of the marketing resources, design background or technical expertise they have.

CakeMail 4 allows businesses to manage contacts, create personalized email campaigns from templates and simply send. It’s targeted at small businesses looking to build relationships with existing and potential customers, increase customer loyalty and retention, create brand awareness and drive revenue.

“We want to be part of the success and growth of small businesses,” said CakeMail CEO Francois Lane. “Our goal was to put a simple yet powerful tool in the hands of small businesses; if they can email, they can CakeMail. We’ve removed the barriers of cost, complexity and time required to create email campaigns, so that millions of small businesses could begin reaping the benefits. CakeMail 4 was created with a ‘less is more’ philosophy – less time to send an email campaign, more time to focus on the core of your business.”

Why small businesses should use email marketing

Email marketing has been a trusted, efficient and cost-effective method to build and maintain relationships with customers for the past two decades. The Direct Marketing Association calculates the ROI of email marketing to be $40 for every dollar invested, making email marketing a powerful, cost-effective choice for all small businesses who are looking to grow.

CakeMail provides small businesses a way to send professional email campaigns starting at $8 per month. A complimentary CakeMail-sponsored version of the service is also offered to businesses with less than 2,000 contacts.

“The new CakeMail 4 provides the essential features for a quality email campaign without adding unnecessary frills, bells and whistles. This allows us to keep the price low, and helps businesses create campaigns more quickly,” said Lane.

CakeMail 4 Main Benefits

  • Save time to focus on business growth
  • Improve communication and engagement with customers
  • Reduces email marketing costs

About CakeMail

Based in Montréal, CakeMail Inc. helps small businesses grow by simplifying the way they engage customers. CakeMail 4 is a simple web-based email marketing application that allows companies to easily create, send and track email campaigns. CakeMail’s private label version is also offered by 350 brands in over 40 countries. Founded in 2007, CakeMail has delivered billions of emails. Visit us at

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