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Since 2001 Evolving Solutions has been offering their web marketing expertise to more than 100 small- and medium-sized companies in Atlantic Canada and the North Eastern USA. Their flagship product is Big Santo, a CMS tool to which CakeMail has recently been implemented. We had the chance to chat with Chris Nadeau, one of the two brothers behind Evolving Solutions.

– As the Chief Love Officer of the company, how do you intend to use CakeMail to spread tenderness and passion?
As the Chief Love Officer, spreading the love is of the utmost importance and with CakeMail we can now spread the love via email marketing, easier now then ever before.

We have researched many email platforms and CakeMail is by far the most intuitive and affordable we have seen. It literally took a few hours to get up and running with CakeMail’s private label solution, and now we have our own Big Santo Mail. With the integration of CakeMail into the Big Santo platform, our customers can now collect email addresses from their websites very easily and promote their products or services in a very cost-effective way. It makes for much more interactive experiences on their websites. It also makes great business sense.

– How do you work with your brother and not fight? What’s your secret? 😉
That is the beauty of working with your brother. We have been fighting our whole lives 😉 and as business partners we know how to forgive and forget. By the way, the older brother always wins 🙂

We have the highest trust for each other and with any relationship you have professionally or personally, that creates a much better experience.

– Anything else you wish to add?
Customers love the simplicity of CakeMail, and for them to slice and dice their data easily from the dashboard makes us and our organization look like geniuses.

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