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CakeMail Unveils Email Deliverability Quiz of 2013

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Rewards the Best Sender of the Year with an iPad Air

Montréal, Canada — CakeMail Inc. today announced its 2013 email deliverability quiz to test marketers and small business owners on their knowledge regarding getting emails to the inbox (“deliverability”) and anti-spam regulations. Running from December 4-12, 2013, the highest scoring quiz taker will be eligible to earn an iPad Air and bragging rights as the Best Sender of 2013.

“Deliverability is part knowledge, part best practices and a lot of love for your audience,” says CakeMail Deliverability Director Kevin Huxham. “The quiz’ 20-questions range between no-brainers to in-depth industry knowledge. Our goal is to educate and improve deliverability, so we developed this fun way to engage everyone.”

To participate, visit CakeMail’s blog ( and answer the 20 questions. One winner of the iPad Air will be drawn from a pool of the best scorers. The quiz features true/false statements challenging common email marketing myths, asks about ideal open rates, and as a bonus question, requests feedback on the deliverability team at CakeMail (though respondents are warned they might not win if they answer this question incorrectly).

Why small businesses should use email marketing

Email marketing has been a trusted, efficient and cost-effective method to build and maintain relationships with customers for the past two decades. The Direct Marketing Association calculates the ROI of email marketing to be $40 for every dollar invested, making email marketing a powerful, cost-effective choice for all small businesses that are looking to grow.

CakeMail provides small businesses a way to send professional email campaigns starting at $8 per month. A free CakeMail-sponsored version of the service is also offered to businesses with less than 2,000 contacts.

“A typical small business isn’t expected to know all the answers. Some of these questions are hard. The good thing is that CakeMail makes it easy for its users to comply with anti-spam legislation and get their emails efficiently delivered,” said Francois Lane, CEO of CakeMail.

About CakeMail

Based in Montréal, CakeMail Inc. helps small businesses grow by simplifying the way they engage customers. CakeMail 4 is a simple web-based email marketing application that allows companies to easily create, send and track email campaigns. CakeMail’s private label version is also offered by 350 brands in over 40 countries. Founded in 2007, CakeMail has delivered billions of emails and has been touted as being champions of anti-spam activism. Visit us at


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