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CakeMail 3.2: Available Today!

By November 23, 2011 No Comments

Earlier today we launched the latest version of CakeMail, 3.2, which includes a powerful campaign builder that gives users an entirely new (and fantastic) email creation experience.

All New Email Campaign Builder

While having fancy HTML and CSS skills is *always* impressive, not everyone can be an email-coding expert. With that in mind, we developed a new email campaign builder that allows those of us without coding skills to make beautiful emails in minutes.

Movable content sections make it simple to refine and adjust layout and content order, and users can add everything from basic text to QR codes with just the click of a button.

New auto-save and versioning features make sure you never accidentally lose your campaign again – with the added bonus of letting you roll back to a previous version in order to undo changes during the campaign editing process.

Crop and Resize Images

The new campaign builder allows users to crop or resize images on the fly. Zoom in for a nice close shot or change the size of images altogether using our handy editing tool directly in the application.

Import Options

In addition to the new campaign builder, we’ve also added a new import option for campaigns that lets you import straight from a .zip file – perfect for that campaign you just received from your marketing agency or in-house design team. No need to upload individual elements one by one or copy-paste HTML any more!

And of course, if you’re still HTML-inclined, you’re able to work in HTML just as you’ve always done.

All New Templates

Version 3.2 includes a new template library full of designs optimized for the new email campaign builder. More than fifteen brand new templates are just the beginning – you’ll see the library expand significantly over the course of the next few months.

Template Builder Tutorial

For advanced users, or for those who develop templates for their clients, we’ve created a guide to building templates for the new campaign builder.

Access the template instructions

Upgrade or Try it Today

Current CakeMail customers can follow the easy upgrade instructions, available on our support knowledge base.

If you’re new to CakeMail, sign up for a free trial account today!

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