CakeMo: $1375 and 6 bare faces later

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Movember is over and we are proud to announce that CakeMo team members have raised 1375$ in order to support the movement. A big thank you to Arthur Gouveia and Kevin Huxham who have led the event at CakeMail and to all other members: Jesse McCormack, Ion Ghinda, Marc-André Jutras and Vincent Surette who have kindly offered their face to the cause (with a side-effect of a few good laughs for us!).

movember final group photo

Movember Final Group Photo

As announced, CakeMail drew a name from all the donors who had given more then $10 and we’re happy to announce that Hugo Picard will soon receive a package full of CakeMail surprises. Congratulations Hugo!

A big thank you to everyone!

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