Export Your Campaign Reports

While we provide in-app charts & graphs detailing your campaign’s (great!) performance, you can also download the data if you’re interested in working with it offline in your favourite spreadsheet app.

Begin by navigating to the Campaigns tab in CakeMail and hovering your mouse over the campaign you want to get data from. Select View Performance Stats


You will immediately see an overview of your campaign’s performance, including how many were opened, clicked, bounced, forwarded or marked as spam.


You can view and export reports by clicking on each category to the right.

To view detailed reports on each category, click on the Detailed Reports option.


To export the detailed report for each option, click on the Export This Report button at the top right of the menu


The report will provide detail information on the client and campaign ID, email affected, how it was affected (action), date, IP, Host, and specific status information.


View this how-to in our support knowledge base.

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