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CASL: Does CASL apply to my business?

Do you know if the new Canadian Anti-Spam law applies to your business?

Still have questions about the new Canadian Anti-Spam legislation?

CASL: A guide to understanding Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation:  Read online – Download

More information about CASL:

Note: Most email marketing service providers, like CakeMail, have already taken all the steps necessary to ensure you comply with international anti-spam laws and in many cases, their terms of use go above and beyond the requirements of the law. At all times, you must comply to the terms of use of the email marketing service provider you choose and to the anti-spam legislation that applies to you.

Disclaimer: This information is to help you better understand the requirements for compliance to CASL, the new Canadian anti-spam legislation that will be coming into full force on July 1st, 2014. It is not legal advice, nor should it be used instead of said legal advice.


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