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Changes to CakeMail’s Anti-Spam Policy

By June 30, 2008 No Comments

In order to comply with the industry’s best practices and to ensure the finest and most trustworthy service possible for both our clients and their customers, CakeMail announces 2 modifications to its Anti-Spam Policy. These changes have already been put into practice:

1- The recipient must have been contacted in the past 12 months: If the recipient hasn’t received anything from the emailer in the past year, a message requesting confirmation of the recipient’s opt-in to the list must be sent prior to sending them any other information or offer. This period was previously 2 years.

2- CakeMail requires notified opt-in: In the case of only a single opt-in, the recipient should receive a confirmation email following registration. This email should offer the recipient a clear link to opt-out, if he so chooses. We would also like to add that a double opt-in is, by all experts, strongly recommended in building a confident relationship with the recipients on your list.

If you have any questions following the implementation of these practices, do not hesitate to contact us.

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