What makes people click? [Video]

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Your emails consistently make it to the inbox and regularly get opened… But no one’s clicking.

Sound familiar?

There are a couple of things you can do to improve the click rate on an email, but the number one item you have to keep in mind is:

Your emails should always ask people to take an action that benefits them.

Otherwise, here are a few tips to help boost the clicks on an email:


When you’re crafting your newsletter, too much information is just as bad as too little.

Don't overwhelm your reader!

If it’s your first newsletter, try and keep to one or two topics – you can test for longer emails later.

Ideally, send targeted information to a select number of people.

Keep the text you write short and to the point

Focus on what benefits your reader, not features.

Focus why the information benefits people reading the email, use images that reinforce the point you’re trying to make, make sure they’re clickable and give people a really great reason to click.

Use call to actions that are more convincing than "Read more"

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