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Coming Soon: CakeMail 3!

CakeMail Version 3

Yes – you read that right. CakeMail Version 3 is on it’s way!

We’ve been busy behind the scenes here putting the finishing touches on the next version of CakeMail and recently released a beta version of CakeMail Version 3 to a select group of customers to play with.

Those that have provided feedback on how the product works, excited emails with rave reviews and have otherwise jumped right in and started playing around with all of the new features (and there are a LOT of new features to play with) have been making our days here at CakeMail HQ quite happy.

Within 5 minutes of sending out links to everyone’s custom beta site, some great feedback was already coming back to us – and we can’t help but want to share it:

“LOVE the new interface – this is exactly what I was waiting for.”

“I love the new version. We can’t wait to upgrade.”

“Version 3 Beta is GREAT!”

We’re thrilled to see this kind of feedback (especially right away!) and can’t wait to share this new version with everyone else very very soon. Stay tuned for more details about all of the new features and some great examples version 3 in action that we’ll be posting over the next week or so prior to the official release in early August.

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