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Communication: it’s about what isn’t being said

By February 6, 2013 No Comments

The best communicators have something remarkable in common: an innate ability to  understand their audience. Listening to your customers is the first step; and your customer’s silence can speak volumes.

With email marketing, ‘silence’ can be measured with:

Replies from customers:
Communication goes two ways. If you’re sending from  “no_reply@mycompanycares.comthere’s something wrong.

Spread the news:
You’re not always going to go viral, but you should see people who care about your company share it with people with the same interests. Are your contacts sharing your emails – are they forwarding it to their friends? Are they posting it on Facebook and Twitter?

Your list’s engagement score:
Are people opening (and ostensibly reading) your emails?  Even better, are they clicking on the links you posted on a fairly regular basis? If your score is low, you should look into segmenting your list and sending more targeted emails, changing up the frequency, and looking into the content you’re sending.

You can also see how people like what you write about by the comments they leave after you write up a blog post.

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