Cupcake Day: A Wrap-Up

By December 1, 2010 4 Comments

Cupcakes, cupcakes, everywhere! Or at least that’s how it felt for us for about 48hrs last week.

If you missed it, last Monday was our annual “Sweetest Day of the Year“! We’ve been suffering from a bit of cupcake overload, which is why we’re just posting this wrap – up now, but for those of you that weren’t already aware, we spent a full day last week delivering box upon box of cupcakes to our Montréal-based customers while at the same time supporting two great local charities (La Tablée des Chefs and Jeunesse J’écoute) through Cupcake Camp MTL. The November 21st Cupcake Camp MTL event raised more than $34,000 for charity and brought together more than 2,500 cupcake-lovers and almost 21,000 cupcakes in one place and we are THRILLED to have played a part.

From an early start assembling boxes and packing cupcakes as they arrived at cupcake camp on Sunday, to our tours around the island and beyond to deliver boxes of cupcakes to our local Montréal-based customers on Monday (some who were expecting us after last week’s post, and some who our visits took completely by surprise), CakeMail’s “Sweetest Day of the Year” was a ton of fun for all involved.

Have you ever seen what 100-dozen cupcakes looks like? We hadn’t either, but now we know for certain that it’s a LOT of boxes.

100-dozen cupcakes

Showing up to see your customers with cupcakes is the best way to brighten up what was otherwise a grey and rainy Monday. Bolidea & Planbox were so excited they immediately blogged about it, other customers couldn’t wait to try one, or were just plain shocked at the arrival of a late morning sugar rush – a great way to start a new week!

To check out all of Monday’s cupcake deliveries (our delivery teams documented all of our travels), visit our Facebook page or take a look at all of the tweets that went out on the day of the event. Lots of happy faces and lots and lots of cupcakes, all for a good cause!

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  • Stacy Hayes says:

    So glad to see that CakeMail supports local charities… I’m not remotely surprised, this is a great group of people.

    You might want to add selling cupcakes to your business model — because I’d pay a small fortune for a cupcake on a Thursday morning. What are the laws regarding importing cupcakes to the US?

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  • Robyn Paton says:

    Thanks Stacy! If *only* cupcakes were a little more border (and shipping!) friendly…

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  • Laura Fabrizi says:

    Will there be a cup cake day this year? and when is it?

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  • Hello Laura!
    Cupcake Camp has just been announced for March 2012 instead of the usual November period. And yes, we’ll join this great event once more. And we invite you all too because they will need tons of volunters! More info to come.

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