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Customer Story: Alsamarketing (Now Publitech/Publipage)

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Building a good marketing campaign takes time. But it’s fun! Evaluating the results is often a more laborious task. Montreal-based Alsamarketing Now Publitech/Publipage makes it easier by offering a web application that makes it simple to create, automate and measure online marketing efforts to achieve the best possible ROI. Their solution makes use of the CakeMail API so we decided to ask Alexandre Sagala, co-founder of Alsamarketing, a few questions.

CakeMail: Tell us about what Alsamarketing offers
Alexandre Sagala: Alsamarketing provides businesses with marketing optimization and automation solutions. It is an on-demand web marketing automation product that tracks, scores, and nurtures prospects from the moment of lead generation through sale.

CM: Who are the primary clients for your software?
AS: We are present in many industries including software/IT and manufacturing, services. Our solution is built for any B2B and B2C marketer that needs to manage and measure their online marketing initiatives across multiple channels and do it in an automated way. This is a problem plaguing modern marketing departments because of the proliferation of the different marketing channels and the complexities of measuring them across the sales cycle that can be very long.

CM: Why did you choose CakeMail and how will it help your business?
AS: Before CakeMail we were using another solution but things didn’t work out for different reasons.  We decided to try out CakeMail since it offered a white label email solution that we could easily and seamlessly integrate in our offering.

CM: How does it complete your service offering?
AS: We currently only use the email sending capacities of CakeMail. Email creation, stats and campaign management are all done on the Alsamarketing product. The CakeMail integration is transparent to our users. Emails are managed by Alsamarketing and when ready, sent through CakeMail.

The integration process was easy with the CakeMail API. We are still looking for certain features to be available in the API for example spam statistics and implied clicks but the rest of the API is perfect to work with.

CM: What would be your best advice for someone who wants to do email marketing?
AS: Email is serious business now with CAN-SPAM and the new Canadian law, Bill C-28. You have to watch who you are sending your emails to and make sure you respect the rules. For this reason one should always use a provider that knows email. You can select either a more traditional email marketing platform like CakeMail or a fully fledged marketing automation platform like Alsamarketing but the important thing is to make sure you are playing by the rules. Reputable email providers will help you make sure you do.

CM: Anything else you wish to add?
AS: Thanks for the cupcakes! 😉

Alsamarketing is based in Montreal, and was founded in 2009.

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