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Most CakeMail customers already know about the greatness that is Litmus – a standalone web app also available in the CakeMail add-on Marketplace that makes testing and previewing your email campaigns across email clients a snap. We use it so much in the office that it has just become one of those things that is impossible for us to live without.

But what you might now know is that Litmus also has a free tool that lets you preview what your subject lines look like. This easy to use tool lets you check on the one of the key influences of your open rate (can they read it? Is it too long? Does it look completely weird on a blackberry?) without having to hit send and then painstakingly preview it on every device, in every email account you own.

We used it for an upcoming edition of our CakeMail customer newsletter, and it was a huge help to be able to preview what subject lines looked like in everything from basic Outlook to gmail all the way to previews for blackberry and iPhone.

While this tool won’t help you to decide which subject line is most effective (you can try our A/B test feature for that), it does help you to get a sense of whether your readers see some, or all, of that subject line you’ve been agonizing over. Does it all fit? Does it turn ‘Newsletter’ into ‘Newsle’ because there’s not enough room? Though these types of tests focus on small details, the small details can sometimes have a huge impact.

With such a range of characters supported in various email clients (25 characters and up) this is the perfect “let me just check to see if that works” tool to add to your marketing toolkit.

If you’re working on an upcoming campaign, you can try it for yourself!

And of course, if you’re a CakeMail customer and you’re not yet using Litmus as an Add-On to test all of this and more, adding it is easy. Just log in to your account, and you’ll see it under your “Marketplace” tab. There’s an additional monthly fee to add Litmus to your CakeMail account, but it’s definitely worth it.

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