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“Do not Call” … Email me instead!

By September 8, 2008 One Comment

In Canada, September 30 is the deadline set by the CRTC to implement The National Do Not Call List (DNCL). This is already in place in the USA as the National Do Not Call Registry. From this date forward, anybody who registers to the list will be removed from ALL telemarketing lists. This means that marketers might have to find new ways to contact people. Other ideas than bugging us with machines calling during Sunday dinner to say, “Call us back because we have important things to tell you”. (Yeah right…) For email marketers this could be a great opportunity!

Due to this list, some advertisers will soon need to find new marketing strategies to offer their products. And for some of them, it just might be the perfect time to switch to email. In many ways email marketing is already more regulated than phone marketing. And more “intelligent” too. Instead of calling lists of uninterested people, you interest them first and then… you “call” them, or more precisely, you email them targeted offers that are more likely to get them interested than a cold call.

It is now the time to check your clients’ – and future clients’- websites, to see how you can offer visitors subscription to their mailing list or improve the existing subscription offer. (We’ll have soon a blog post on newsletter content.) It’s also time to utilize the communication they already have with their customers: online orders or requests, email order confirmation, billing orders and so on, to INVITE them to subscribe to your list. But BEWARE of HOW you do that. You have to treat customers with true respect and comply with email marketing regulations. It’s important to do things properly, and here are some things explained in this funnily titled article: ‘Crack(ing) the FTC Code: What You Can and Can’t Do With Transactional E-mail’.

And why don’t you use your expertise to convert direct mail marketing users to email marketing? ‘Costs’, ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Ecology’ are some of the keywords that may help you convince clients to change to email, as described in this article: ‘Direct Mail Versus E-mail: You Decide’. It’s now time to introduce new clients to a truly intelligent and cost effective way of offering products to customers. And your favourite email marketing software is here to help you 😉

Note: Dr. Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa who also holds the position of Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, is already offering this kind of service to Canadians on the Website IOptOut. Now in Beta, the website will continue to help subscribers “create and manage a personal do-not-call list that begins where do-not-call legislation ends”.

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