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Dutch: The Fourth Language Available on CakeMail Thanks to ZennerMedia from Belgium

MailMarketing.beFollowing English, French and Russian, Dutch is now available for CakeMail users. The interface has been translated by ZennerMedia, an Internet company based in Belgium that is happy to have a way to serve customers in their 3 official languages.

We were fortunate to have an occasion to chat with Sam Zenner, CEO of ZennerMedia.

CakeMail: Could you please tell us about what ZennerMedia does?
Sam Zenner: ZennerMedia’s main focus is to help companies get their stories out there. Rather than helping our customers shout louder in a place where everyone is already screaming for attention, we want to provide them with solutions that “take people’s breath away”.

We try to be a full-service agency, serving custom-made websites that adhere to the highest industry standards. This also means that we manage our customers’ blogs as well as their mailing lists.

CM: Why did you choose CakeMail and how will it help your business?
SZ: We chose to work with CakeMail because of its entirely translatable interface. Not having to program an email application from scratch saved us a lot of time and working with CakeMail didn’t interrupt our regular workflow. We’ll be able to offer to our customers an entirely Dutch app less than 2 months after our first contact with CakeMail team.

CM: What language issue is CakeMail solving for your specific needs?
SZ: Even though Belgium is sort of a multilingual country (3 official languages), much of the “older” generation doesn’t understand English all that well. This Dutch version of CakeMail will help our business, in that we no longer have to confront our customers with an English interface. From now on we can direct our clients to the website and they’ll find a clean, easy to use interface in their native language.

CM: What were your specific challenges related to the translation?
SZ: Even though the translation module isn’t finished quite yet, everything was fully functional so I don’t have any complaints. The biggest challenge in translating was to abbreviate most of the interface, because the Dutch language tends to need more words than English to explain the same thing.

CM: Anything else you wish to add?
SZ: I hope we can continue to work with The Code Kitchen on new projects. I liked working with the team and there are a lot of app’s out there that would be used a whole lot more if they could be translated!

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