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We’re feeling optimistic. The end of 2016 seduced us with a growing number of very attractive marketing emails. We’re seeing HTML emails with well-written copy and irresistibly clickable calls to action. And we’re seeing content that is truly oriented around engaging subscribers— from lovingly crafted designs to in-depth newsletter content. It’s making us swoon.

Examples of great marketing newsletter content


Withings/Nokia: Good advice

This beautifully designed newsletter starts as a mystery. It simply delivers good advice. But wait… isn’t that a product down below?

Withings, a watchmaker recently acquired by Nokia, subverts best practices for all the right reasons. Is this a newsletter with promotional content, or a promotional email with rich newsletter content? We’re not sure it matters.

When you’re introducing a new product to market, it makes sense to educate your subscribers before trying to sell it to them. Voila: Withings makes two solid arguments for tracking your sleep and heart rate before presenting readers with its elegant solution.

Great email creative by Withings


Code School: Geek camp

We’re crushing all over this simple and adorable email. Good design makes something complex, such as learning web development, appear simple and fun. Code School rolled out this adorably straight up email to promote its Beginner’s Guide to Web Development, which continues the gosh-darn sweet badge theme through to its landing and content pages.

With a punchy intro and one very direct call to action, Code School has delivered a cool, concise message to its subscribers: learning new skills is fun; it’s earning badges at summer camp. We’re smitten by its playful simplicity. Why say more?

Well designed marketing emails


Grammarly: Melting clocks

If you’re going to send a re-engagement email, make sure it’s good. It’s like going back to an old flame; you left for a reason (or maybe you just forgot). They better lay on some pretty sweet charm to win you back. Grammarly nails it. They’re just clever and weird enough to spark curiosity… and there’s no begging or bribing.

We love the ‎Madeleine L’Engle reference (so nerdy!). And we adore the trippy melting clock, paired with a straight-up acknowledgement that people are get into things and then move on. If this was the first “just saying hello” email in a re-engagement series, perhaps the next one would involve just a little bribery.

Cakemail reviews great newsletter creative


Trainline: The (almost) perfect booking confirmation

How many times have you received a booking confirmation that looked like it was made in 1998? Not so long ago it made sense to continue sending text email confirmations. But with the ubiquity of smartphones, these emails become unusable anachronisms.

Imagine if every train, flight, bus, hotel reservation email looked like this Trainline email… filled with scannable information and helpful tips? This is the email we all want when we’re at the station, fumbling with our phones, looking for last minute booking or boarding information.

We love this email’s scrollable simplicity — so readable on a mobile device. All actionable links are very visible, and clickable for larger fingers. While we can imagine ways this booking confirmation could be better, the fact that they have come this far at all fills us with a happy glow.

Well designed travel booking confirmation email


Font Foundry: Meet your new font

Get ready for some deep and dirty design geekery with the latest announcement from Font Foundry. Of course we expect a font designer’s newsletter to be full of fancy design bits and even some tasty code. But before you accuse us of being design snobs (we’re not!), we have to acknowledge that anyone who puts this much design love into their newsletter deserves a gold star.

This newsletter was lovingly crafted. It educates anyone who isn’t well versed in fonts, but provides enough detail to make font lovers tingle all over. Le sigh.

Email marketing design examples

Creative that goes beyond the quick and dirty

We never get tired of looking at well-designed emails. We like the long and wordy ones, we like the short and punchy ones. All share one characteristic: they don’t take our time for granted – they go beyond the quick and dirty sales pitch to delight, amuse and engage.

Make us happy. Send us the most seductive newsletters and marketing emails that crossed your inbox this month.

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