Email Ten Demandments for Customers in Heaven

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Learn what matters to your customers in order to deliver “a total customer experience that goes beyond the sum of its parts”. The ideas in Kelly Mooney’s and Laura Bergheim’s book “The Ten Demandments” are guiding, inspiring and easy. They will stay with you 24/7 😉

  1. The First Demandment: Earn my trust
  2. The Second Demandment: Inspire me
  3. The Third Demandment: Make it easy
  4. The Fourth Demandment: Put me in charge
  5. The Fifth Demandment: Guide me
  6. The Sixth Demandment: 24/7
  7. The Seventh Demandment: Get to know me
  8. The Eighth Demandment: Exceed my expectations
  9. The Ninth Demandment: Reward me
  10. The Tenth Demandment: Stay with me

Here are the Email Ten Demandments summarized.

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