Experts agree on Email as Recession Proof: Email in Recession part 3

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For many experts email marketing is one of the best options you have in these difficult financial times. When marketing budgets are the first to be cut, here is some advice on keeping email away from the chopping block. Hope it brings you inspiration!

Recession—Bad for Marketing, Great for Email Marketing
Published in January, back in the news this October, Elie Ashery of Gold Lasso speaks about how Email Marketing was not mature enough during 2001-2002 recession to prove its capabilities as an economical or strong tool. He said that the situation has changed now and this recession “presents a unique opportunity for email marketers to lobby their CEOs and CFOs for a larger slice of their marketing budget.”

Email Economics: What to do in a Recession
G. Simms Jenkins from iMedia Connection detailed out a few advantages on keeping email marketing alive in your organization. Among them:

  • Where else can you test campaign concepts, creative and offers?
  • Email gives you the data you need to determine success.
  • Email is a branding tool.
  • Email cuts other costs.

Now is the Time to Invest in Email – Not Put It on the Chopping Block
MarketingSherpa’s new chart compares people’s advices on email investment with its effectiveness.

Recession Buster Ideas for Email
At Return Path, Stephanie Miller of Global Markets Catalyst presents simple ideas to exploit your email marketing capabilities without many expenses. First, she insists on keeping strong and expanding your loyalty program to build on your existing client base. And second, if you haven’t done it yet, why don’t you use email to sample your product or service? A collateral advantage to these types of email is that they are ‘incredibly viral’. Finally, she suggests sending fewer communications to your customers but giving them a little more in each one and giving them clear advantages on staying with your brand.

Ride out the Recession with Email
John Rizzi in DM News makes two interesting arguments for email marketing, among others. He says, “Email is the most measurable of all marketing channels” and he points out “email’s ability to help you protect your most valuable asset in a down economy: loyal customers”.

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