Imagine, for a moment, that you’re sitting in your car. It’s a long drive, so you have the radio on. A song comes on and it’s great. You love it. You can’t wait to hear who the band is.

Maybe you’ll check out their YouTube or Facebook page.

Maybe you’ll buy their album.

Maybe you’ll buy tickets for a concert.

But you have to wait, and wait, and wait to hear the band’s name. By that point, your interest fizzles and you no longer really care.

Now shift gears a bit: what if we weren’t talking about music? What if we were talking about your company, your product, your service?

What if we were talking about a message you want to send?

It’s crucial, when you have a great story to share, incredible new features or fantastic news, that you start by giving a hint (in social media, in emails, in ads) and back it up with a clear call to action that sends them to your website, YouTube video, SlideShare presentation; that asks them to give you a call; that invites them to visit your brick and mortar place of business.

Most importantly, though, keep your call to action close to the main point of your message.

Before their interest fizzles and they no longer really care.


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