The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed. – William Gibson

Emerging technologies are about to radically change the way we market online. Three innovations: artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality are coming up fast and furious, giving marketers unprecedented access to knowledge, data and creative tools.

Maybe today, only big brands with deep pockets have the resources to dabble in these technologies. But it’s only a matter of time before technology providers find a way for small and medium sized businesses to affordably jump on the bandwagon.

We’ve gathered a series of articles that explore what marketers in large, forward thinking organizations are doing today with AI, big data and virtual reality. Get a peek at what’s to come for all of us once these technologies become more universally accessible to marketers.

Artificial intelligence

Fifteen ways artificial intelligence is impacting marketing

Econsultancy has outlined 15 fascinating case studies that show how agencies and tech providers are using artificial intelligence to solve a dizzying array of problems — from forecasting sales, to curating content to preventing fraud.

IBM Watson goes to work in advertising

The Wall Street Journal unpacks the ways organizations are using IBM Watson’s supercomputing prowess to devise new products and inform marketing campaigns. Welcome to the cognitive era, where AI systems can glean consumer insights from unstructured data such as videos and social media posts.

Virtual reality

Marketing with virtual reality 101

Gartner has created a crystal clear primer on the ways marketers are using VR to create and distribute content. Before you see what is being created with VR, read this to wrap your head about the four ways brands are currently experimenting with VR marketing content.

Big Data

Experiences from the big data front lines

McKinsey & Company moderated a conversation with leaders from six large companies to learn how the shift to advanced analytics has impacted their organizations.

Need an example? Based on a household’s purchasing data, Target began marketing baby gear to a teen’s household before her father knew she was pregnant. Prescient or scary, you decide. Get ready for some intriguing perspectives about how access to big has changed the way companies work, hire and innovate.

Be ready.

We understand. You’re not GE or or The New York Times. Most of us don’t currently have the resources to start playing around with AI, big data or VR. But they’re coming to you too. The sooner we can wrap our heads around emerging tools and technology, the more prepared we will be when that technology hits critical mass.

Do you have a favourite AI, big data or VR campaign? We’d love to hear about it.

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