Get the Most out of your Welcome Message

CakeMail email marketing software offers you a default welcome message to greet your new subscribers. But is a default message as good as a personalized message? We think not. A personalized email message is your chance to make your first impression last with a client who has shown interest in your brand. To achieve the best added value, everyone agrees that the welcome message should be sent within minutes of subscription.

To help you get the most out of your welcome email messages, below are several useful hints from Jordan Ayan’s “Missing The Chance To Say ‘You’re Welcome’” (free subscription mandatory).

– To start, html is a standard. Your welcome email should be a well-designed html message sent out in multi-part mime so that it will display properly in text or html.

– It should thank the recipient for providing the required information. It should also reinforce the value of your emails, reminding them what to expect in terms of frequency and any other information that reinforces relevancy to the recipient.

– It should include the information recipients need to add you to their white or “favorites” list, including the “from” address for your message.

– It should reinforce the value you place on the relationship and reinforce your privacy commitment, including a link to your privacy statement.

– A little something special. The subscriber has expressed a high-level of interest, so this is the time to offer something extra as a thank-you: a coupon, a percentage off, free shipping, a bonus download of a white paper or a free webinar.

– If you use a double opt-in process, you have an opportunity to double-dip. The initial confirmation message can include a promotional message.

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