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Hack Your Email With CakeMail & Context.IO

It’s summer in Montreal, and Festival season is starting to get into full swing. There are all the usual suspects, of course….the Jazz Festival, Just for Laughs and others, but there’s a new festival that we’re *really* looking forward to this year: The International Startup Festival! The festival is a two day event in July focused on the business of startups and brings together industry veterans, fresh faces, thought leaders and technology giants from all around the world.

Hack Your Email!

We’re excited to announce that along with the amazing Context.IO team, we’ll be hosting a hackathon on Wednesday, July 13th, right before the Startup Festival launch party that evening. There will be lots of email APIs to play with, including Xobni and Litmus (and of course, CakeMail and Context.IO, too!), along with others to be announced shortly.

For complete details and to sign up:

Amazing prizes and other exciting details will follow.


Help us spread the word! Tweet about our hackathon and your name will be entered into a drawing for some fun prizes. We’ll announce these soon. Be sure to use the hashtag #hackemail.


We need a few people to help us set up, feed hackers, cover the event with pics and tweets, tell some jokes, do a motivational jig or two and just generally be awesome. In exchange for your awesomeness you will be showered in coffee, baked goods, Red Bull, pizza, swag and heaps of warm and fuzzies. What more could you ask for? To volunteer, just signup at and select a volunteer ticket. We will love you forever.

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