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How Engagement and Content can impact Email Deliverability

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OK, now that we’ve covered the easy part… here’s where it gets interesting. Making sure your recipients open and read your emails!

ISPs measure engagement by looking at the number of people who open and click your emails. Engagement is nothing new, it’s been around for a while but like everything, ISPs need to make sure it works before acting on it. Guess what? Now they’re acting on it.

Take Away: If people aren’t actively opening/reading/clicking on links in your emails, it’s a pretty good sign they aren’t interested in receiving them.

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The single most influential factor when it comes to people interacting with your emails is content. Studies have shown that open rates for targeted campaigns are typically twice that of a generic newsletter. Segment your list and send targeted content to your recipients on a regular basis to keep them engaged.

Content filters also play a huge role in email delivery. Signup to services like Litmus or setup seed accounts of your own. Whatever you do, test, test, and test. If you aren’t doing this simple task before sending your email off to your entire list, it’s like going to work with no pants on. Sure it’s easier, but it’s only a matter of time before you regret it.

Take away: Write engaging targeted emails to each person on your list. Making sure your content is clean and doesn’t upset any spam filters should be part of every email you create.

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