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How Reputation and Authentication can impact Email Deliverability

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Getting your email marketing messages to your audience relies heavily on your reputation. Your delivery is determined by the reputation you have acquired by the practices you adhere to as a sender. You have to earn a positive online reputation, but once you do it will make the difference between your email getting delivered to the Inbox, Junk folder, or not showing up at all.

Take away: A good reputation is key to everything, if you don’t start caring about it, nobody else will.

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Almost all ISPs these days (even the small ones) are looking at some form of authentication to filter spam. Even the SMB crowd looks at authentication (however indirectly) by incorporating outside filtering services such as Postini, McAfee, Brightmail, Spam Assassin, etc.. to their anti-spam filtering solution. Allowing your email service provider to send on your domains behalf will go a long way to ensure your email gets delivered.

Take away: If you’re not who you say you are, your email has a little chance of making it to its destination.

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