Reseller Tips

How to set your timezone

Each reseller account can set their own default time zone, which will apply to the scheduling and delivery of every campaign that goes out. The default timezone for the administrator’s account sets the default for all new accounts and account users created under it.

To set your default time zone, go to Settings > Your Site Settings > Sign Up Settings > Default Sign Up Country, State/Province, Time Zone

Each end-user also has the ability of adjusting their time zone if different from the one set by the account admin. When viewing an account, you will be viewing it in the timezone relative to the current user’s timezone.

To change the end-user time zone, hover over the end-user name on the top right menu options of the user’s account and click on Edit Information.

If you’d like to learn more about your account settings, including language, times zones and other settings, visit our support knowledge base.

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