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Icing News: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Reporting 12.4.2010

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With the holiday email season is in full swing, here are four great things we’ve been talking about that might help with your next email marketing campaigns. Enjoy!

Free Webinar on Making Your Email Sociable!
Don’t miss this free (and space limited) event coming up next Thursday offered by ReturnPath.

E-Mail Newsletters: Increasing Usability
A handy report on increasing how usable your email campaigns are from the best usability reference around, Jakob Nielsen.

10 Things I Believe About Email
“Do you want a bunch of people to tell your boss you have on a list? Or do you want people that are engaged and possibly buying from you?” Very, very, good questions from the Email Wars (hint: only answer yes to one of these. And not the first one).

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Reporting
Cyber Monday set an all-time record for email volume this year. Wow! Smith-Harmon gives you all of the good high level details and a link to the full report in case you want to know more.

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