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Icing News: QR Codes In Emails, Oopsy Hall of Fame 2.17.2011

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Some great things we’ve been reading & sharing around the CakeMail office lately.

Birdwatching: QR Codes In Emails
Some interesting info here – though the consensus seems to be that people aren’t totally sure how to effectively use QR codes as part of their campaigns yet. We loved this great example of a fun QR inclusion. Are you already using QR codes in your CakeMail emails? Let us know how in the comments below!

EEC Conference Presentations
Did you miss early-February’s EEC Conference in Miami Beach? Our own Steve Smith was onsite and had only good things to say about the presentations. The EEC has made them available for free, so go check them out for yourself!

More Tips on Mobile-Ready Email Design
Designing emails for mobile-devices is all the rage right now. Are you doing it well?

Oopsy Hall of Fame, 2010 Inductees
Some amusing and some cringe-worthy email marketing #FAIL’s from 2010 that remind us all to double-check that entire email before you hit send.

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