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Ideas Worth Blogging 09/03/13

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Here are several interesting surveys, studies, resources and email marketing techniques from last months in case you missed it.

> 2009 Retail Welcome Email Benchmark Study (from Smith-Harmon)
Executive Summary
PDF Download


> Why Now’s a Good Time to Take a Look at Your Welcome Emails

> How to Double Your Clients: 5 Tips for ESPs to Survive in a Commoditised Market!

> Do You Use English Or American Spelling?

> More On Making Your Emails Shareworthy

> Five Tips for Fast and Easy DIY Headlines

> The Render Rate is coming
The industry debate on new vocabulary proposal to describe the Open Rate and other stats.

> Notes from eec’s Email Evolution Conference 2009

> Make it Pop!: Words of Love: An Email Copy Mix Tape
A selection of great copy treatments for sale emails

> ‘Emailers, You Don’t Know How Good You Are!’
3 reasons our peers don’t understand the value of what we do.

> Email campaign case studies (one good, one bad)
We explain it for months, maybe Seth Godin will make it clear? 😉

> Design Hall of Fame: 2008 Inductees
Great exemples of retail email marketing


> Oopsy Hall of Fame: 2008 Inductees
Object spelling errors, images that don’t display properly, some of the worst of retail email marketing

Cupcake of the Week
Here is the time to enjoy several Double-Maple Cupcakes!

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