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Ideas Worth Blogging 2008/10/06

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Email Marketing Q&A’s
Email Experience Council talks about CAN-SPAM, Permissions, Lists and Email Content.

Email Data Management Best Practices
How to take care of all this private information.

Arguments for Double Opt-in
You still need to be convinced?

2 Articles on Email Design:
Well on Your Way to Creating Successful Email Campaigns
6 Easy Ways to Improve Your HTML Emails

10 crucial elements for great transactional emails
Use your transactionnal emails to strenghten the relationships with your customers.

5 Factors for Measuring Your E-mail Reputation
1. Volume
2. Complaint
3. Hard Bounce Rate
4. Spam Trap Hits
5. Authentication

And The 6 step Reputation Management Process
1. Find out whether people are talking about your company, your product, your executives, etc.
2. Find out where they’re talking.
3. Identify the influencers.
4. Determine the sentiment.
5. Plan and implement your participation in the discussion.
6. Identify gaps in the conversation.

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