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Ideas Worth Blogging 2008/11/14

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Here are interesting blogposts from the last weeks. Enjoy and learn 🙂

> Learnings From The UK DMA’s Email Marketing Event (by T. Gielen)
Among the quotes:
“20% of legitimate mail which subscribers want will not be delivered to the inbox”
“1 complaint in 1000 will get you blocked”
“the only way to get rid of spam traps is to re-optin everyone”

You’ll find some more on Twitter.

> AOL new Web Support Area for Mailers
You will find all the information you need about FBLs and others.

> Who Are Your Complainers? (by. S. Pollard)
1. Look for Changes you’ve made
2. Segment to Find Complainers
3. Use What You Learned

> Increasing Subscribers is More than Offering Incentives – 5 Tips for Improving the Sign-Up Process (by R. Atkinson)
1. Always tell users where they are in the sign up process
2. Validate email addresses before displaying thank-you pages
3. Identify errors to users in a clear and easy to find fashion
4. Speak the user’s language
5. Determine what is mandatory and what is optional

> 10 Steps to Survive the Spam Button (by. D. Forootan)
Quick reminder. Among ‘usual advices’: “Add a couple of sentences to the top of your content. This lets recipients know why they’re receiving your message and where the unsubscribe link is.”

> Why rendering tests are important
If you need to be conviced. Also check next link.

> Email Standards Project
If you don’t know this organisation yet, it’s a very interesting resource to put in your bookmarks. They work on trying to make email standards.

> Commune Media made a promotionnal operation on and published two interesting articles to help us write a promotional email: Make a Stronger Offer (and Convince More Customers) and
More Words, More Sales?

> The Latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report

Cupcake of the Week
How about a Maple & Bacon Cupcake for a Sunday Morning? 😉

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