Images in emails aren’t worth a thousand words [VIDEO]

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Images are ubiquitous in newsletters. Moreover, a lot of emails nowadays seem to feature one large image, to the detriment of text and words.

However, using only one big image with little or no words is a spammer favourite – so odds increase that you emails get flagged as spam or get sent to the junk folder of your contacts. 

Plus, using only one image can cause extra issues – like inaccurate information in regards to your opens and click rates – if the images don’t even appear:


It’s tempting to create a newsletter with only one big, beautiful image… and nothing else.
But sometimes, images don’t appear when people open the email: the images might not load, the link to the image could’ve been wrong or the image could get deleted.
So if all you send in your newsletters is one big image, what you see isn’t always what your contacts get.

The gist of your message should be understood without the images – so try and use mostly text:

Say more than just 'Hi' and 'Unsubscribe'

Make sure your images are 600px wide at most:

 600px is fairly standard for email previewers. 480px is best for mobile.

Use lots of separate images, peppered in throughout your email:

Make sure your images don't all touch

Have clear alternate texts in case your images don’t appear:

Keep them short: longer alts don't always appear

And use text links or HTML buttons:

And use Call to actions that really stand out

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