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Import your contacts directly with our new Yahoo! Contacts Add-On

We know that not everyone keeps their contacts neatly organized in a spreadsheet – but importing contacts to a CakeMail contact list should be easy no matter how you keep track of them. With new support for importing Yahoo! Contacts, all of your contacts can be imported in a snap.

To use the Yahoo! Contacts add-on, your account administrator just needs to enable the Yahoo! Contacts add-on for your account with a few technical details – including your API (Consumer) Key, API (Consumer) Secret, and a URL for a redirection file (where applicable). Once that’s done, you’ll see Yahoo! Contacts as an import option when you create a new contact list or add members to an existing list. Click on the Yahoo! Contacts logo and you’ll be able to import your contacts into one easy-to-manage mailing list.

But What About Permission?

It goes without saying that the contacts you’re importing should have (or will need to) give you permission to email them this way and should be expecting your emails. Email marketing best practices include always making sure that your contacts, even if they are colleagues or have a prior business relationship with you, have always opted-in to any of your mailing lists. If you haven’t obtained their ok yet, you can set this new contact list up as a double opt-in list. When you import your Yahoo! Contacts, this means that they will automatically be notified (with an email you can customize) and have the chance to say “Yes – include me!”

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