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Import your Google Contacts into CakeMail

By February 9, 2010 No Comments

644295228-googlecontactslogoIf you’re a CakeMail user, you can now import your Google Contacts straight into CakeMail.

As part of our v2.3 upgrade, we’ve made it easy to import your contacts from Google, without leaving your CakeMail interface. Many businesses choose to use Google Contacts as a centralized location for all of their contacts, and with CakeMail’s new integration, you can now send targeted, personalized and effective email marketing campaigns to those contacts quickly and easily.

Great, how do I access it?

To access this new feature, simply login to your account and import a list under the ‘Contact lists’ tab. As you would import a basic .csv file, you can now upload directly from your Google Contacts account by selecting the ‘Google Contacts’ button as the import source. A Google Accounts window will open prompting you to grant access to your CakeMail account. Once access it granted you can go back to your CakeMail interface and import your contacts as normal.

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