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Import Your SurveyGizmo Contacts into CakeMail

SurveyGizmo ImportThere’s been lots of activity happening behind the scenes lately as we’ve been busy integrating CakeMail with even more third-party apps you love (and that we love, too). The latest integration that we’re excited to announce is the easy-to-use but incredibly sophisticated SurveyGizmo.

SurveyGizmo is a feature-rich online survey tool for marketers, researchers and educators that lets you easily set up simple surveys, evaluations and polls, or create more complex surveys and studies without needing any technical know-how. Your survey and respondent data are stored in a secure SurveyGizmo account and now, thanks to this latest integration, you can send welcome emails and targeted email campaigns to those respondents directly from CakeMail.

Great, how do I get started?

To set up the SurveyGizmo import add-on, you’ll need to activate it from the modules page (this may be something your administrator needs to do). Once this is done, simply log in to your CakeMail account and import a list under the ‘Contact Lists’ tab. As you would import a basic .csv file, you can now upload directly from your SurveyGizmo account.

Select the ‘SurveyGizmo’ button as the import source and you will be prompted to enter your SurveyGizmo API key, and the SurveyID of the survey you’re importing contacts from, and you’re done! You can even choose to send a confirmation and then a Welcome email (delivered by CakeMail) to all new submissions.

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