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Import your vCards into CakeMail in just one click

By February 18, 2010 No Comments

vCards are a great way of storing business contact information – they allow you to store a huge amount of data about your business contacts in one tiny little file. But there’s no point in having this data locked up in your Outlook or Apple Mail, is there?

We’ve just added a new import module to your CakeMail accounts allowing you to quickly and easily import your vCards straight into CakeMail -with just one click. Now you can market to your business contacts using our email delivery engine, and send targeted, personalized email messages as thank you notes, follow ups, and announcements.

Great, how do I access it?

Just like our latest import module releases, simply activate this module under your ‘Modules’ tab. Then go to import a list as normal, and click the ‘vCard’ button at right. Simply browse to your vCard’s location, and presto! You can also elect to send a welcome email to all newly-imported vCard contacts.

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