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Import your Wufoo contacts into CakeMail

By February 11, 2010 No Comments

wufoo-160x80In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a recurring theme going on here. We’ve been busy integrating CakeMail into some of the most popular 3rd-party applications out there, and we’re happy to announce our latest – an integration with the popular Wufoo online HTML form builder.

Wufoo is a great application for helping non-techies collect, analyze and organize customer and survey information from their websites – all without needing to write a single line of code. Your submission and respondent data is stored in a secure Wufoo account, and now, thanks to our latest integration, you can send welcome emails and targeted email campaigns to that data from CakeMail. From basic newsletter signups to advanced lead generation forms, whatever you use Wufoo for, you can now use CakeMail to close the loop.

Great, how do I access it?

You first need to activate this module from the modules page. Then to access this new feature, simply login to your account and import a list under the ‘Contact lists’ tab. As you would import a basic .csv file, you can now upload directly from your Wufoo account. Select the ‘Wufoo’ button as the import source and you will be prompted to add your Wufoo subdomain and API key, as well as the particular form you want to pull the data from. You can even choose to send a Welcome email (delivered by CakeMail) to all new submissions.

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